Zonal Maps & Orchard Management

Growers can use Zonal Maps to improve accuracy and effectiveness of soil & leaf sampling. 

When out in the field, Aeroview zonal maps help to monitor homogenic performance across fields. There are two Zone instances within Aeroview where users are able to utilise the zoning feature, namely within the Drone data, and Satellite data views.

1. Drone Data Zones

In the GIF image below, the Grower can see the results of his drone flight, which shows different coloured dots placed on each tree, based on tree-specific health data. By selecting  Zones, the data for this orchard is split into 3 separate areas, represented in: 

  • Red 
  • Yellow, and
  • Green

In this case, the Zonal maps provide a good representation of the health of each block. The zone tool can also be used when looking at other metrics such as Area, and Volume. 

Use Case 1:

Variable Rate Applications

Zonal maps can be created for use of variable rate application spreader. The Grower can update prescription maps according to the different zones within each orchard.

Use Case 2:

Soil & Leaf Sampling

Growers can identify areas to take soil & leaf samples. This information helped him to make a decision as to how to treat the unhealthy area. This method of collecting data has helped many farmers make more effective decisions on how to treat their fields.

2. Satellite Data Zones

Satellite data - while extremely useful - displays at a lower resolution when compared to drone data. However, in order to assist growers in making the most of the data available, and to make the readouts more practical, growers are able to utilise the zone feature to highlight areas of variance and/or concern within each block. Additionally, users are able to work on application figures too, much like that of the zone feature related to Drone Data, mentioned above. 

Zones & Scouting

By making use of zones, growers are also able to highlight areas they may want to scout. This makes scout route planning a whole lot easier. For more on scouting, please visit the help section on "Scouting".

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