1. Download Aeroview InField Scout app

Aeroview InField for Android

  • Apple devices: Aeroview InField for iOS
  • 📲 Also, please view our list of  minimum requirements...

    2. Creating and assigning scout routes

    To create and assign a Scout route:

    • In the Orchard analysis and Scouting tab of your account, Select New Route.
    • Enter the Title of this new route on the right hand side of the screen.
    • Select the trees or area/s you want to visit in-field by clicking in the respective spot/s.
    • Markers are placed on Aeroview as you click (and these will display on the In-Field app once route setup is complete).
    • Select Save route.
    • Select the date you want this scout mission to be completed on.
    • Select the person/scout who you want to assign this scout route to, and press schedule.
    • Your scout route is now setup and you can click finish.
    • NOTE: The scout will need to sync their phone before the route/s will display on the In-Field app.

    3. Repeating a previous scout route

    If you want to repeat a specific scout route that you have done in the weeks before:

    To repeat a previous scout route simply follow these steps:

    • Select the Manage Scouts tab in your Aeroview account
    • Select a route that you have set up before, under All Routes
    • Click Schedule Scout
    • Select a date
    • Select a person to assign the route to
    • Click Schedule Scout

    This scout mission that has been set up previously and / or been completed before has now been rescheduled again for another date.

    4. Managing Scout Routes

    You can manage your scout routes, view complete scouts and create new scout routes in the  Orchard Analysis and Scout Planning and   Manage Scouts tabs.

    4.1 View Scout Routes in Orchard Analysis and Scout Planning

    1. In Orchard Analysis and Scout Planning, select Scout Routes
    2. Click on Route Filters
    3. You can toggle'Only show data for selected orchard' on or off
    4. You can toggle 'Only show completed scouts' on or off
    5. View all your Planned routes here
    6. You can create a new route by clicking the blue '+' button next to Planned routes

    4.2 Create a new scout route in Orchard Analysis and Scout Planning

    1. In Orchard Analysis and Scout Planning, click New route
    2. Click on each tree you would like to add to your scout route
    3. Click Next on the top right corner
    4. Give your scout a title
    5. Click Save Scout Route
    6. Specify a date
    7. Assign the route to someone
    8. Click Schedule scout

    4.3 View, manage and create new scout routes in the Manage Scouts tab

    1. In the Manage Scouts tab, you can switch between viewing All Routes, Scheduled and Complete routes
    2. In All Routes, you can schedule a scout mission based on a previous route that you have created
    3. In All Routes, you can also Add a new route
    4. In Scheduled, you can edit any of your routes

    5. Scout reporting

    After collecting data in the field with the Aeroview InField mobile app, you can view interactive reports of your data within the Scout Reporting tab on Aeroview.

    This data appears in 3 different views:

    1. Graph reports
    2. Markers
    3. Heat maps

    5.1 Graph Reports

    To view your graph report of the pest data collected with Aeroview In-field app:

    1. Select Scout Reporting tab in your Aeroview account
    2. Select Pest
    3. Select Graph
    • Your orchard names will display on the left and the week in which the data was collected are displayed on top.
    • You can now track changes of pest infestations on a weekly basis, from the data collected in-field.
    • You can edit your pest specific threshold on the top right hand side of the page, where it says Threshold.
    • You can also select a date range by clicking on the Start date and End date calendar icons.
    • To download a report, click Download report and choose between a CSV (downloads immediately) or a PDF report (which will be emailed to you).

    5.2 Markers

    To view your marker report of the pest or disease data collected with Aeroview In-field app:

    1. Select the Scout Reporting tab in your Aeroview account
    2. Select Pest
    3. Select Marker
    • Markers of all the pest or diseases found for a selected date range will display on your screen.
    • To view the images and other data collected for each scout marker, click on the pest or disease icon and more information will pop up.
    • You can adjust the date range by clicking on the start and end date calendar icons.
    • NB: each marker is geo-referenced with the exact coordinates of where the marker was noted in the field.

    5.3 Heatmaps

    To see pest infestations on your farm, use the heatmap report on Aeroview:

    1. Select the Scout Reporting tab in your Aeroview account
    2. Select Pest
    3. Select Heatmap
    • A pest-specific heatmap for the selected date range will appear on the screen. 
    • You can change the pest type that you want to generate a heatmap for under the Selection criteria dropdown.
    • You can also adjust the threshold of the pest heatmap. This will effect the colour scheme of the heatmap.
    • Red areas have a higher pest count and green areas have a lower pest count.
    • To change the date range simply adjust the Startdate and End date