How to Group Trees

You may want to group certain trees or vines that exist within the same block or orchard alongside others. Whether you would like to isolate cultivars, or simply take a closer look at metrics for a certain group of trees in isolation, the "Tree Groups" function is here to help.

Once logged into Aeroview, navigate to the "Orchard Analysis and Scout planning" tab:

Step 1

In the Tree Groups menu (below the tree data metrics) select  " + Add a new group " to select the tree you want to group.

Step 2

Select either  individual trees/vines using the curser, 
Or make use fo the polygon tool on the bottom right of your screen to bulk select trees.

Step 3

  • Once they've been selected, grouped trees will highlight in blue.
  • If you have selected too many trees, or selected individual trees by accident, you can remove those trees from the group, by deselecting them individually. Tree markers that are deselected will turn back to white. 
  • When you have selected all the trees you would like to include, select the "Next" button via the on-screen prompts. 

Step 4

  • Add Group properties
  • Select the "Add" button to add your group to the Tree Groups list for that block.

Step 5

You will now be able to view tree metrics pertaining to the select group of trees/vines only. 

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