The Benefits of Using Drone Imagery

Aeroview processes high resolution drone imagery and outputs the following metrics for your farm:

  • Health (Tree & Orchard level)
  • Elevation (Orchard level)
  • Moisture (Orchard level)
  • Area (Tree level)
  • Volume (Tree level)
  • Chlorophyll Index (Tree level)

Health vs Chlorophyll Index

For more context on the difference between Aeroview metrics of Health and CI:

Health in simple terms, measures biomass levels.
CI (Chlorophyll Index) estimates chlorophyll levels and highlights problem trees. Problem/stressed trees could exist due to nutrient deficiencies/toxicities, to pest and disease damage, and more. Using CI together with Health metrics can give the user a holistic overview of crop/tree health. 

Health (NDVI):

  • General indicator for stress - good for water stress and leaf nutrient level when not water stressed
  • Best at looking for variation in canopy (especially early-mid development stages)

CI (Chlorophyll):

  • Picks up chlorophyll which is related to Nitrogen, Iron, Magnesium nutrient levels.
  • Better than NDVI at high canopy density as Red Edge penetrates deeper into the tree.
  • But new growth will have LOW Chlorophyll (so in early tree development stages can be misleading).
  • Better for smaller trees as NDVI relies on biomass a lot more.