Creating and assigning scout routes

To create and assign a Scout route:

  • In the Orchard analysis and Scouting tab of your account, Select New Route.
  • Enter the Title of this new route on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Select the trees or area/s you want to visit in-field by clicking in the respective spot/s.
  • Markers are placed on Aeroview as you click (and these will display on the In-Field app once route setup is complete).
  • Select Save route.
  • Select the date you want this scout mission to be completed on.
  • Select the person/scout who you want to assign this scout route to, and press schedule.
  • Your scout route is now setup and you can click finish.

    NOTE: The scout will need to sync their phone before the route/s will display on the In-Field app.