Managing Scout Routes

You can manage your scout routes, view complete scouts and create new scout routes in the Orchard Analysis and Scout Planning and  Manage Scouts tabs.

1. View Scout Routes in Orchard Analysis and Scout Planning

  1. In Orchard Analysis and Scout Planning, select Scout Routes
  2. Click on Route Filters
  3. You can toggle 'Only show data for selected orchard' on or off
  4. You can toggle 'Only show completed scouts' on or off
  5. View all your Planned routes here
  6. You can create a new route by clicking the blue '+' button next to Planned routes

2. Create a new scout route in Orchard Analysis and Scout Planning

  1. In Orchard Analysis and Scout Planning, click New route
  2. Click on each tree you would like to add to your scout route
  3. Click Next on the top right corner
  4. Give your scout a title
  5. Click Save Scout Route
  6. Specify a date
  7. Assign the route to someone
  8. Click Schedule scout

3. View, manage and create new scout routes in the Manage Scouts tab

  1. In the Manage Scouts tab, you can switch between viewing All Routes, Scheduled and Complete routes
  2. In All Routes, you can schedule a scout mission based on a previous route that you have created
  3. In All Routes, you can also Add a new route
  4. In Scheduled, you can edit any of your routes