Sharing your farm data

Can I share my farm data with my consultants or farm managers? Yes!

  1. Select user management on the bottom left of the home screen
  2. Click the plus icon to add a new user
  3. Add the new user details (the email address being the most important)
  4. Select the type of access this new user will have
  5. Select which farms they will have access to (this can be changed/amended later if need be)
  6. Send the invite

The new user will receive an email which states that you have shared your farm data with them. Next, they will choose their own login details, if they are new to Aeroview. 

If they have not received this email, it is likely that you have shared your farm data with a current user (they already have an Aeroview account) in which case the shared farm/s will automatically appear in their own list of farms on the Aeroview homepage once they login.