Interpreting Your Drone Data

Drone Data Metrics currently Available on Aeroview:

  • NDVI
  • Health
  • Area
  • Volume
  • Tree Counts
  • Missing Trees

All the above metrics are available on Farm & Orchard level as well, including:

  • Elevation (indicative gradient) on an orchard / vineyard level.
  • NDVI Health index on an orchard / vineyard level.

Watch the video: How to interpret your drone data

3 mins

Please Note:

 - Drone imagery resolution is  at ± 5cm x 5cm

- Tree health measures the NDVI index of each individual tree

Tree canopy area measures the canopy size in m2 of each individual tree

Tree volume measures the volume in m3 of each individual tree

- You can view your data on a per tree level, on a zonal level, or on an orchard level.

-  There is no standard NDVI value that is either good or bad for a tree, but the value is measured relative the the rest of the trees in the orchard. We are therefore measuring variance within the orchard. It is this variance that holds with it useful insights into the health of the orchard relative to the crop type and time of year.