Do I need my own drone to become a client?

No, you do not need to use or fly your own drone. 

We have a network of Drone Pilots

  • Once you've signed a contract and requested your first drone flight, we will arrange for a pilot to come to your farm.
  • All pilot and flight logistics are taken care of on your behalf.  
  • We only partner with licensed drone pilots who will fly and collect drone data on your farm. 

What happens after your first drone flight

  • After each flight, the drone data will be uploaded to our server, at which point data processing will commence. 
  • Once the data is processed, you will be able to view early stage problems on an individual tree basis using Aeroview.
  • You can check on the progress of your uploads via the Aeroview dashboard tab, by selecting "View processing status"

Flying Your Own Drone

  • If you own a drone, you can fly your own drone as long as it is compatible with our list of recommended drones & hardware
  • You must adhere to all official rules and regulations involving drone flights in your area/country/state.