Aeroview InField app

Download the app

Aeroview InField App is developed by Aerobotics to provide pilots with an easy-to-use mission planning application that also integrates with our online Aeroview platform. 

Click here to download it for free on the Play Store.

NB: Please note the Aeroview InField App is only compatible with Android versions greater than 5.0 and less than or equal to 9.0. 

Planning a mission

Installing the Flight App

  1. Download the Aeroview InField app. Available on the Google Play store.
  2. Log in with your Aerobotics pilot account. Contact if you do not have an account setup.
  3. Change to ‘drone scouting’, select “yes” when prompted with the question if you are using a drone.
  4. Request access to do yield flights on the app and our Team will give you access as soon as possible.
  5. Click ‘sync’ to receive scout missions assigned to you and to upload any outstanding data. Mission list will show under ‘Select a planned Scout’.

Aeroview Infield App new features

Auto Row Direction

  • The drone will automatically change its yaw alignment based on the row direction of the orchard.
  • All you would need to do is align the crosshair on the subject tree.
  • This feature makes Yield Data collection safer and more consistent.

Vertigo Lite Descent controller

  • The drone will descend at the normal speed until it gets closer to the tree. It will then slow down its descent to accurately and safely stop above the tree.
  • The drone may adjust its height slightly after descent.