Flying for Aerobotics

Who is Aerobotics and what do we do?

Aerobotics works with the agriculture industry to transform everyday farming operations with technology that supports smarter business decisions and ensures a sustainable future. Our Yield Insights product combines drone imagery with machine learning algorithms to provide growers with current fruit color and size reports and fruit size predictions at harvest. 

Growers use these insights to track fruit growth and make better decisions around labor, resources, and marketing – all to ensure an optimal harvest.

For our Yield Insights product to work, we need our drone partners to capture and upload drone imagery to our online platform. 

What hardware do you need?

To conduct the yield trials, you will need the following:

Compatible Drone Compatible Visual Camera
DJI Phantom 4 Pro (V2.0) P4P Onboard camera
DJI M210 (V2.0) DJI Zenmuse X5S
  1. 4 hours flying capacity minimum. A sufficient number of batteries and charging facilities to enable that amount of flight time.
  2. SD cards with write speed capable of 4k videos. Need 20+ GB available storage per day. Preferably have more space available, and a spare sd card (Sandisk extreme 32gb uhs-3 MicroSD card recommended).
  3. A device compatible with the InField app (Android versions greater than 5.0 and less than or equal to 9.0) AND with 20-30GB available storage.


  • Any attachments should be removed from the drone to increase flight time and efficiency.
  • Essential that anything obstructing the ultrasound sensors (such as Micasense) are removed.

We require data to be collected as follows

  • The RGB camera has to be a minimum of 15MP as we use the visual images for fruit counts and sizing.
  • Drone Partners will be expected to conduct multiple missions in a day. Each mission will require collecting short videos of multiple waypoints throughout the orchard. 
  • Our Aeroview InField App has been specifically designed to assist flying using the correct parameters (camera settings, flight height, flight speed, etc).

How do you as a Drone Partner fit in?

  • Our client will request a drone service for their farm.
  • Our Drone Operations team will obtain all the necessary information and contact one of our Drone Partners in the area with the information and match the client's drone service request with the Drone Partner.
  • Once matched, our Drone Operations team will assign the drone service request to the Drone Partners' profile.
  • Once assigned, the Drone Partner will be able to view the scout missions on their Aeroview InField App as well as the upload link on their Aeroview account page.
  • The Drone Partner will make the necessary plans and arrive at the correct farm, on the correct date and time, fly the requested blocks, and keep our Drone Operations team updated.
  • Once the collection of the drone imagery is complete, the Drone Partner will upload the data to our platform using the upload link in their pilot profile.
  • Once the upload is complete, the Drone Partner can invoice Aerobotics for the work completed using the allocated Purchase Order number provided by the Drone Operations team.
  • Payment of invoices will be paid within 2 weeks of the uploaded date after passing quality control checks.
  • Where data does not pass quality control and needs to be re-flown due to poor quality or missing imagery, the pilot will be asked to re-fly at their own cost at the next available date.