Identifying Missing Trees

Tree Counts and Missing Trees

Identifying Tree Counts, as well as the number of Missing Trees, within a given block is easy and straight-forward when using Aeroview. 

Simply make use of the "Counts" function in the "Tree Data" section, when viewing Drone Data available for the block you are interested in monitoring. Follow the steps below:

  1. Select the "Orchard Analysis and Scout Planning" tab
  2. Select "Counts" listed under the "Tree Data" section.

Mark Additional "Missing Trees"

To mark additional missing trees which Aeroview may have omitted, click on "Mark additional missing trees", which can be found in the top-right drop-down, just below the "Missing Trees" information.

  • Note: "Missing Trees" can also be removed one by one, or in multiples via the "bulk delete option".

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