Uploading steps

1. Go to your pilot profile in Aeroview.

2. Look for the specific link with the following details: Correct client details, correct hectares, and correct date for upload.

3. Click on the correct bucket for upload. Note: If you fly with a DJI Drone and MicaSense, please select that specific bucket. You should never upload just RGB or just MSP, unless asked.


4. Click next and proceed to drop the DJI/RGB photos. 

5. Ensure you select all from the flight. Either drag and drop per flight or as a shortcut, type in ‘.jpg’ in the search bar to find all the RGB images from that flight. Drag photos across and wait until the background goes dark and says 'drop image files here' before letting go.


6. Ensure there are enough photos to cover the specific boundaries.

7. Be careful that the uploader doesn’t auto-select boundaries that you do not want to upload to. Ensure you only upload to the specific blocks you have the imagery for. Occasionally if you are splitting an upload, the overlap from one block may cause a separate, smaller block to be auto-selected as the uploader believes there is partial coverage. Simply deselect the unwanted block.

8. Click next and continue to drop MicaSense/MSP photos. There should be at least 3x more MSP photos than RGB photos. Make sure you select all of them as often they take a while to load and you may accidentally copy only some of them. As a shortcut for big flights, you can type in '.tif' in the search bar to find all MSP photos. As there are more MSP photos, it may take a while for the background to go dark and say 'drop image files here' so ensure you hold on until it does.


9. Once all MSP photos are loaded, click 'Next'.

10. Ensure all the boundaries that were meant to be flown are ticked and have enough coverage.

11. If you can't tick one of the boundaries, it may be because: 

a. If there are intersecting boundaries, you must inform the Drone Operations team and we will fix the boundary. 

b. If the error is due to insufficient coverage, the drone service will need to be re-flown. 

12. If all boundaries are selected, click 'Next' and start the upload

13. Please keep the tab open until completed, then you can close it. Try not to have more than 3 tabs open at one time as the uploader/WI-FI may not be able to handle the amount of data. In this case, rather wait for a couple of uploads to finish and then start the remaining.

14. If your internet cuts out or the upload pauses, please refresh the page.

15. Then click the correct bucket, click ‘continue with previous upload’, re-drop all the RGB and MSP, click "next", and the upload should continue from where it was.

16. If you are splitting an upload into two or more uploads, please ensure the following: Do not upload the same block twice. You will be penalized for duplicate uploads. If the uploader says there are failed images, click 'retry failed images'.

17. Wait for the uploader to start uploading the failed images. 

18. If the upload keeps failing and you have already tried refreshing the page and re-dropping the images, it is best to restart your WiFi router and computer, open up a new browser, and start a new upload - do not resume. Stick to one upload at a time. Wait for it to finish and then start another upload.

Upload notes

  • Uploads can be up to 100 hectares/250 acres each. Please do not upload more than this at a time.
  • We recommend an internet connection that has an upload speed of at least 20Mbps.
  • Upload exactly what was requested.
  • Please do not split uploads into multiple uploads unless the job is greater than 100 hectares. As an example, if the request is for 76.08 ha, please do one upload for 76.08 ha.
  • If you forgot or did not finish flying all the boundaries, please rather wait until you have completed all boundaries before uploading.
  • Please don't upload the same boundary twice. This causes us to incur unnecessary processing costs.
  • The upload link will only disappear once all the data has been uploaded.

Watch the video and follow the steps below to ensure your data is uploaded correctly.

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