Aerobotics Flight Planner App for DJI

Planning a mission

Our Aerobotics Flight Planner App for DJI has been specifically designed to assist flying using the correct parameters (height, speed, overlap, side lap, etc). However, we are in the process of developing a new App so there is no Aerobotics Flight Planner App currently available for pilots to use. Watch this space for the new release! 

In the meantime, Drone Partners are able to utilise other flight planning applications such as DJI Flight Planner, Drone Deploy, PIX4D, Map Pilot Pro. Please note that these are just recommended flight planning applications and we cannot guarantee their effectiveness in carrying out missions for Aerobotics. Therefore, we advise carrying out tests on these applications before using them for Aerobotics jobs to ensure they are in line with our flight parameters and data quality requirements.