How to become a drone partner

5 steps to becoming a professional, licensed drone operator for Aerobotics

Step 1 | Get your Remote Pilot License

The first step in becoming a certified drone pilot for Aerobotics is to get your pilot's license. This is a legal requirement in all countries that have drone laws. Most licenses will require you to pass a theoretical and practical test to showcase your skills.  Aerobotics only hires fully certified and licensed drone pilots to fly for us so please make sure you meet all the legal requirements for your country set out by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Step 2 | Buy your Hardware

Currently, we require our pilots to have a drone from the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, Matrice or Inspire ranges. The drone must then be integrated with a MicaSense multispectral camera. We recommend either the MicaSense Red Edge MX or Altum. This setup captures the necessary images that enable us to provide our customers with visual and health layers for their farms. 

Step 3 | Insure your Business

It’s important for you, as our Drone Partner, to be fully insured in case your drone crashes, gets damaged, or even stolen. Even the most skilled drone pilots occasionally make mistakes and equipment failure can happen to anyone.

Step 4 | Testing

Once you have integrated your drone with the multispectral camera, it is time to do some tests. In order to work for Aerobotics, you will need to pass a short theoretical and practical test before we send you on paid jobs. We recommend studying the entire website and watching the latest webinar to ensure you get a score of 80% or more. Once you have submitted your answers to the quiz, we will get in touch with you to organize your practical demo flight. 

Take the test

Step 5 | Grow your Business

Once you have passed your theoretical and practical test, we will officially onboard you as an Aerobotics Drone Partner! You will be asked to sign our Drone Partners Agreement and the Rates Table for your region. You will then be ready for your first mission where you will be paid for collecting and uploading drone imagery. With great data comes a great number of jobs!