Downloading Scout Reports

You can download your scout reports at any time straight from your Aeroview profile. 

  1. When in the "Scout Reporting" Tab and viewing Pests, select "Table" and select your preferred date range for the report.
  2. Next, download your report in the preferred format via the "Export Data" option at the bottom of the left hand side panel. 

There are 4 different report formats available, namely:

  • Pest Trap CSV report
  • Complete CSV report
  • False Codling Moth (FCM) CSV report
  • PDF Report

Once you select the report type you are looking for, an email will be sent to you, for easy download.

Note: When selecting "Request PDF" the document may take some time to generate, especially where you have selected a broad date range to report on. Please be patient, as this may take 2-5 minutes to load.